How To Boost Testosterone Through Lifestyle AdjustmentsSeptember 08, 2012

As you go about your day to day living, if you want to learn how to boost testosterone levels naturally, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

Why is it important to focus on maintaining high testosterone levels?

The average testosterone levels in healthy males today has declined rapidly. The reason is claimed to be modern environmental, cultural and dietary changes. According to a recent study: 

Declining Testosterone Aging Males

“Researchers in the US are finding testosterone levels to be substantially lower — by about 15 to 20% — than they were fifteen years ago. Scandinavian studies show similar declines, and in younger men too; a man born in 1970, for example, had about 20percent less testosterone at 35 than a man of his father’s generation at the same age.”

That's the reason why it is so important to have knowledge about this subject. 

If you spend a lot of time in the gym and you want faster and better results, but your t-levels are down you will be wasting your time. 

Unfortunately many men who seek advice on how to boost testosterone strictly limit their research to things that they should be doing while in the gym.

While there’s no question that your gym workouts can definitely help you increase the concentration levels of this hormone in your body, if you really want to see optimal results, you also need to be focusing on what you’re doing outside of the gym for the rest of the 23 hours in the day.

So let’s take a quick look at a few of the things that you can be doing outside of the gym to help you learn how toboost testosterone levelsproperly.

Eliminate Alcohol Consumption

Low testosterone slow metabolism

As hard as it may be, if you’re serious about the goal to enhance your testosterone levels, one of the first things that you must be doing is reducing back on your alcohol consumption, if not eliminating it entirely.
Since alcohol is viewed as a toxin in the body, the minute it enters your system, all processes stop including muscle building and testosterone production.
The body must first get rid of all of this ‘toxin’ before continuing on with these other processes, so basically every time you drink, you halt your progress.

Quit Smoking

Smoke negative effect on testosterone levels

Next, if you’re a smoker, this is yet another habit you must try and kick. Smoking will have negative implications on your testosterone levels, so doing your best to reduce if not eliminate it will serve you very well.

Plus, there are clearly many other negative health repercussions that you’ll experience from smoking, so for all those reasons, this is something to give the boot from your life. 


Stress is another lifestyle factor that can zap testosterone release in a hurry. 

Stress kills testosterone

While some stress is simply unavoidable and to try and lead a stress-free life is virtually impossible, it’s a must that you do whatever you can to reduce or eliminate all stress that you can control. 

Remember that stress is simply how you perceive any given situation, so sometimes simply shifting your frame of mind is the best way to combat stress in a hurry.


Get Adequate Calories

Finally, the last quick tip to help you learn how to boost testosterone levels is to make sure that you are getting adequate calories in your diet plan. 

testosterone boosting foods

If you’re not eating enough energy overall, it’ll be hard for the body to generate as much testosterone as it normally does.

If you do have to diet to reduce body fat, diet quickly and then get back to a normal calorie intake. 

It’s better to do short bouts of intense dieting rather than long drawn out bouts that aren’t producing significant results.

So there you have some quick tips to help you learn how to boost your testosterone level.  

Using a Testosterone Booster?

Along with doing all of these, make sure that you also consider a natural enhancement product such as TestoTurbo. 

When used in combination with the above steps, you will rocket fuel your results and with optimized testosterone levels it will be easier to increase metabolism and also pack on lean muscle mass. 

This combination will produce unbeatable results for you.

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