A high level of vitamin D means high testosterone level`s?August 01, 2012

There’s an amazingly simple way for most men to raise their testosterone levels. What they really have to do is take a Vitamin D supplement containing certain levels of Vitamin D in the right form and dose. (Vitamin D3 is much easier picked up in the digestive system). 

A well formulated testosterone booster that contains certain levels of vitamin D can spike your T. This was proven in a epidemiological study done at the Medical University Graz in Austria.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is actually a hormone – one that regulates three percent of our genes. Among those genes are a few that are responsible for the natural production of testosterone in the leydig cell`s. So vitamin D is surely a very important vitamin for boosting testosterone, certainly once you realise that an overwhelming majority of the western population has too little vitamin D in their body.

Where do we get it?

Vitamin D effect on body and Testosterone LevelsThis is because our food contains too little vitamin D, so we have to rely mainly on the vitamin D that our body makes. 

When exposed to sunlight our skin cell`s convert cholesterol into vitamin D. But we get too little sunlight and are therefore unable to make enough vitamin D.

Does that mean that most men in the western part of the world therefore produce too little testosterone and has a deficiency in the most important strengt, muscle and performance enchancing natural biochemical testosterone? 


The Study

Research on Vitamin D (3) and Testosterone

This is the question that the scientists from Medical 

University Graz in Austria wanted to answer. They examined the blood of 2300 men whose average age was just over sixty. Only eleven percent of them had sufficient vitamin D in their blood. And indeed: the more vitamin D the men had in their blood, the higher their testosterone levels and their concentration of free testosterone [FAI].

You see the concentration of vitamin D in the blood fluctuates with the seasons. Vitamin D concentration is highest after the summer, when you spend time in the sun etc also this is when the concentration of testosterone in men is highest, according to some studies. [Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2006 Aug;31(7):895-9.] The Austrians were able to confirm this relationship but testosterone levels and vitamin D level rise and fall in synch in the human body. So if you want to increase testosterone levels make sure your levels are at max.  

Vitamin D boosts testosterone levels in a safe and healthy wayWhen men make sure they have enough vitamin D in their blood, they’ll also produce more natural testosterone. So supplementing with Vitamin D is a smart move to gain mass and increasing your testosterone levels.

The scientists opinion

Although alot multivitamin tablets contain vitamin D, most people who take these kind of supplements only have a slightly higher vitamin D level compared to people who do not take multivitamins. The Austrians also noticed this in their study. "Seventy-eight patients (2.4 per cent) reported taking vitamin supplements on a regular basis, which usually contained vitamin D3. Because 25(OH)D levels were only slightly higher in users of vitamin D preparations (mean 22.1 microg/l) compared with the remaining cohort (mean 17.2 microg/l), we decided to include these patients in the present analyses." 


If you look at the table above, you'll see that the effect of multivitamins on the vitamin D level in the blood is too small to boost your testosterone level. You need to a bigger amount of vitamin D to for increasing testosterone levels. This is why we added 3332 IU = 833% of the daily value and one of the highest quality vitamin D which actually isVitamin D3. TestoTurbo is one of the strongest natural testosterone boosters out there and this is only one of the 19 reason`s why.

Over fifty years ago German sports scientists discovered that power athletes made better progression in the season when they had high vitamin D levels in their blood. Maybe the Austrians have now discovered why.

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